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Leaving Madison

by Eddie Oyola, 2014-09-03T13:22:49.000-07:00September 03 2014, at 01:22 PM PDT

To those who knew and those who didn’t I wanted to share that I will no longer be the aquatics director nor the head coach of the Madison dolphins swim team. I have resigned my post to take on a new challenge as the aquatics director of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls club on Randall Avenue . This ride was a great 13 years in which over 500 plus swimmers joined the team and t... [more]

Message Board

2014-05-14T12:59:54.000-07:00May 14 2014, at 12:59 PM PDT, Marisol Perez said:


2014-05-14T12:59:09.000-07:00May 14 2014, at 12:59 PM PDT, Marisol Perez said:

Hello Parents,

First of all I want all parents with your help on the success of our 1st Annual Mother's Day Dance it was fantastic. Now as you know this Saturday is the Elias Karmon Meet at Lehman College which we host, I need help with the following staff to help n sell breakfast n lunch will have to be their by 6:30am, donation of Potato Salad n Macaroni Salad, Timers, Marshalls, please give me a call ASAP @ 917-681-4242.
Also to all parentd that are going to North Carolina
if you are intending to book the photographer you need to book him as soon as possible preferably by Friday 5/16/14 in order to get him to go with us, website is www.knmvideo.com, if you have any problems and need help with the booking give me a call or you could contact photographer Brad Hopkins at 410-310-7500. This is a great opportunity to get professional pictures taken of your child in action.
Thank you in advance,

2014-05-06T11:07:49.000-07:00May 06 2014, at 11:07 AM PDT, Marisol Perez said:

Hello Parents, we still need the following for the Mother's day dance:
2 trays of baked chicken
1 tray of fried chicken
3 trays of Rice
1 tray green salad

please get back to me ASAP 917-681-4242 MARISOL

2014-05-02T11:59:14.000-07:00May 02 2014, at 11:59 AM PDT, Lamar Decasseres said:

Hello everyone, (Parents and Swimmers) I would like to report that i just got word that the "Madison Dolphins " has continued it's winning streak. This time up against Lehman College's Athletic Director, in that the Athletic Director has agreed to continue to allow us to rent out the facility for future meets at a cost that we can afford. His response was due to the pressure that he received from everyone involved (mostly our letters and emails). This is a testament to how important it is for us as a team both parents and swimmers to come together to fight for issues that effect our team. We can now hold back on any emails that have not been sent to the executive offices for now. Thank You!!

2014-04-29T06:34:56.000-07:00April 29 2014, at 06:34 AM PDT, Lamar Decasseres said:

Good morning everyone, last night I sent an email to as many parents as I good asking that we all come together to fight an issue that has arose for our team. The subject of the email is "Madison Dolphins Needs Our Help (Please read!!)" I hope everyone will come together so we can keep Madison going strong. If you did not get an email from me please email me at ldecasseres@gmail.com and I will be glad to forward it to you. Senior team members feel free to provide me with your email addresses as well because your voices should be heard too. Thank You!!

2014-04-18T20:53:00.000-07:00April 18 2014, at 08:53 PM PDT, Lamar Decasseres said:

Hello everyone, I have uploaded a large amount of the pictures from Puerto Rico and from both Metro Allstars and Metro Championship. I hope you all get a chance to look at and enjoy them.

2013-11-27T09:31:49.000-08:00November 27 2013, at 09:31 AM PST, Eddie Oyola said:

Parents Meet on Tuesday Dec. 3rd. At 6:30pm. All Parents need to attend especially if you want to go to Puerto Rico.

2013-10-29T17:16:26.000-07:00October 29 2013, at 05:16 PM PDT, Eddie Oyola said:

For Saturday, November 2nd please bring beach folding chairs for the swimmers. Seating is limited.